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CASTAC.org has a new look!

You may have noticed something’s different: we’ve done some remodeling of the CASTAC website. We’ve got a brand new design and our blog has a new name: Platypus. The new design brings together our blog and homepage all under one roof and makes things a little easier to manage on the back-end. CASTAC continues to grow, taking on new members and new projects, and this new design should make it easier for all of you to follow along.

Angela VandenBroek, our intrepid webmaster, took the reins on the redesign, using her considerable WordPress expertise. (She’s also working on an ethnography of Swedish web developers, so stay tuned for that!)

The new design is fully responsive, so it will work on any screen size, and it’s touch-friendly, so you can browse away on your glass slab of choice. We’ve also added a few features to enhance readability: if you click on the option menu, you can also adjust the font size to your liking, and every post has a button in the top right for “Distraction Free Reading” that will increase the font size, minimize the sidebar, and make the text the full width of the window.

Thanks for reading, and if you spot anything that isn’t working properly, please email our webmaster (akvbroek@gmail.com) so that we can get it fixed.

Blog subscriber accounts have been deleted during the migration as part of our database cleanup. Most of these accounts are spam and are not in use. However, if you had a subscriber account, you can resubscribe by going to blog.castac.org/wp-login.php?action=register. Contributor and editor accounts are unaffected.

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