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My name is Yulany Foster-Valencia and I am a recent UCLA alumna, obtaining my bachelor’s of science in Anthropology. I am particularly interested in forensic anthropology with a focus on the cultural and economic influence/circumstance along the US/Mexican border.
A photograph of The Universal Church, close to Los Angeles's MacArthur Park; 625 S Bonnie Brae St Los Angeles CA 90057

The Illness Experience of a Forty-year-old Hispanic Woman

Different cultural upbringings can determine a person’s illness experience. The relationship between the experience of a patient, and in turn, a course of treatment is inherently valuable to document. To understand an instance of this dynamic, I interviewed Maria, a Los Angeles resident, and a forty-year-old Hispanic, low-income, single mother with six children who is a devout Christian belonging to the church Iglesia Universal. (read more...)