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Anders is a digital user experience researcher, designer, and educator who holds a PhD in cultural anthropology. Passionate about designing tech to solve human challenges. Reach him on Twitter @AndersAWallace
Scene of online dater from Spike Jonez' 2015 film Her

Connection, Inc.: Fast Times for Online Dating in the Age of Quarantine

Have you noticed an uptick in move-ins or engagements in your social circles lately? How about divorces? While everyone seemingly dreads the loneliness of quarantine, statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest both move-ins and divorces are on the rise as we collectively strain under the burden of separation, immobility, and social and political upheaval. Unable to go to work, take a trip, or hug an acquaintance, we’re all unwitting participants in a global experiment in the psychological effects of social deprivation. (read more...)