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Antti Lindfors, PhD, serves as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Department of Cultures. His research encompasses subjects ranging from stand-up comedy to cold exposure and the scientific reframing of alternative medicine.
Cover of the book Media Hot and Cold, by Nicole Starosielski. The cover contains a grid with a number of rectangles, each of which shows either different images (as photographs) or has some alphabets that form title words and the author's name. The images relate to different forms of media and their use, as well as to temperatures.

Antti Lindfors Interviews Nicole Starosielski on Media Hot and Cold

This is a conversational interview between Professor Nicole Starosielski (UC Berkeley) and me, Dr. Antti Lindfors (University of Helsinki), discussing Nicole’s book Media Hot and Cold (2022, Duke University Press). In my postdoctoral research on the emerging cultures of cold exposure as a therapeutic technique, I developed an interest in the evolving multidisciplinary field of environmental and elemental media. Nicole’s work in this area takes exciting and novel directions, introducing perspectives on how thermal communications and infrastructures reinforce power relations, shore up racialized and gendered hierarchies, and subtly persuade, control, and even subjugate us. In our discussion, we explore these subjects, from thermal metaphors to thermal violence and attractions, such as ‘coldsploitation cinema.’ The interview was conducted over email and lightly edited for editorial consistency and clarity. (read more...)