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Researcher and doctoral student in Human and Social Sciences at UFABC, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I research algorithmic systems of behavior modulation, data colonialism, digital platforms and other issues related to tech and society.
Cover of a publication by the Experimenter Publishing Company, with the title written in red, "Science and Invention." An illustration of a light-skinned man wearing a blue suit appears below the title text, with the words "Build Your Own Television Receiver." The man appears to be working on a set of equipment that he will use to build his own television receiver.

The Use of Patent Information to Investigate Algorithmic Systems

During my master’s degree, I wanted to study the idea that some social media platforms had tools for guiding users’ behavior in a certain direction. Even though this is by now commonsense among communities interested in studying tech and society, it was a hypothesis that was not easy to confirm with empirical data. That’s when I decided to experiment with patent analysis. (read more...)