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I am a PhD candidate (Department of Anthropology) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am interested in questions of beauty, aesthetics, class, urban space, and media cultures; and how sexuality, class, and gender circulate and animate subjectivities and relationships.
Screenshot of Instagram post by Ishita set against yellow background with white text that says" An apology letter to my audience" with black text underneath of caption and comments.

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Social media content creator Ishita Mangal (@ishitamangal) uploaded a post with multiple slides on her Instagram page. The first slide is entitled “an apology letter to my audience.” In the rest of the slides, she highlights a “barter collaboration” gone sour. The collaboration entailed the digital creator featuring four Indian kaftans (a type of clothing) brands on her Instagram page in exchange for keeping the outfits that she would feature. One of the brands was singled out, with their Instagram handle mentioned in the caption for viewers of the post to easily access. The brand was accused of harassing the digital creator; walking back on the terms of the agreement; asking for the garment in question back after “absorbing maximum benefits of all the posts on various platforms.” The digital creator proceeds to tell the tale of harassment and “extortion” she experienced at the hands of the luxury brand owner. (read more...)