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Larissa Costa Duarte has a PhD in Social Anthropology (UFRGS, Brazil). Her interests include gender and sexuality, women's health, anthropology of epidemics, medical anthropology, public health, sexual politics, discourse theories and crimes of globalization.
An impressionistic painting of a laboratory bench top crowded with glass vials and beakers of various sorts and sizes. Above are full shelves with more bottles.

Some Chloroquine-AZT Parallels and Science’s Credibility Struggles

As an anthropologist and STS researcher, a great deal of my academic career has been proudly dedicated to studying and denouncing the bias, inequalities, and prejudice within both scientific and medical practices. Such critique, far from intending to undermine scientific credibility, comes from a place of deep respect, trust, and, I dare say, great optimism regarding what kind of project we have for science in the long term: one where knowledge is comprehensive and accessible, and where expertise is not build upon the concealment of information. (read more...)