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Maxime Polleri is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Université Laval. As an anthropologist of science and technology, he studies the governance of nuclear disasters, public health crises, and radioactive wastes.
A sign on a wooden stick leans slightly askew amid lush green plants in front of a multi-story building.

Ethnographies of Nuclear Life: From Victimhood to Post-Victimization

Iitate village, located in Fukushima Prefecture, is typical of rural Japanese hamlets. One finds large arable lands buttressed by imposing mountains that dazzle with emerald-green colors. Iitate fits perfectly this postcard image that many tourists have of rural Japan, with just one difference: among the fields of green are over a million and a half vinyl bags filled with radioactive tainted soils. Rows of black plastic bags, piled on top of each other, form Mayan-like pyramids as far as the eyes can see. (read more...)