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Owen Kohl explores the relationship between media-making and the reimagining of home and alterity, including after socialist Yugoslavia’s dismemberment and in the contemporary US. Since 2013, he has taught at universities in Chicago, designing courses attuned to related politics.
Still image from a video tweeted by @NBAonTNT of two basketball jerseys hanging in a locker room. One jersey reads: "Education Reform" and the other reads "Say their names."

Coming Soon: The MultiRepository

This post introduces a new collaborative project coming soon to CASTAC: an archive of online platforms that highlights how researchers have utilized different communicative modes and media in qualitative research and creative work, including in journalism and the arts. Think about how you usually encounter a researcher’s findings, a journalist’s account of an important event, or news of an artist’s latest work. In the early 20th century, you would often do so by reading an article in a newspaper, magazine, book, or academic journal. And although these publications might include pictures, graphs, and cartoons, they often emphasized textual ways of conveying information and ideas. Nowadays, an increasing number of researchers, journalists, and artists use multiple media technologies—often digital—to conduct and publicize their work, including text, graphics, and video, among others. Using and combining broader arrays of communication technologies reflects current media practices, but it also gives researchers and other professionals (read more...)