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Rine (they/them) is an anthropologist interested in law, migration, religion, and Islamic jurisprudence. They are curious about intersections between legal processes and religion. Rine (iel) est anthropologue de droit, asile, religion et jurisprudence islamique. Iel est des intersections entre les processus juridiques et la religion.
A top-down perspective of a doctor's office, with someone on the bed, and two people (doctors) observing. One doctor says, "Well, nothing seems to be wrong. Come back when you're vomiting." The comic text below states: After tests, appointments, calls...

Monstrous Matter, Out of Place

The following is an autoethnographic comic about my experiences re-understanding a new diagnosis through revisiting Mary Douglas’s Purity and Danger. (And yes, the final panel is from a conversation I did have with a grad student colleague and dear friend.) (read more...)