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Romario Anderson is a development geographer pursuing an MPhil in Geography at the UWI Mona, Jamaica. His graduate research examines the disparities in ICT access across Jamaica and the subsequent impacts on various measures of sustainable development.
A Jamaican street with a few vendors sand a leaning telephone pole

The ICT Poverty Trap: How Technology Disparities Exacerbate the Spread of Disease and Division in Jamaica

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, social life has gone digital in new ways. People the world over are being urged to work remotely from home. Virtual get-togethers have replaced in-person gatherings as global mental health takes a tailspin. All the while, governments are being forced to switch to online platforms to deliver its services, such as welfare and various social programs. Perhaps more than at any time in human history, the ability to effectively participate economically, socially and even politically hinges on being able to harness Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its offerings. (read more...)