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sebastian levar spivey (they) is an artist, producer, writer, and researcher. They have a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt Divinity School and Certificate in Bioethics from Yale, and are currently working on a Master of Philosophy at the University of Twente.
A white barn and a large white telescope sit in a grassy field with some trees around and tree-covered mountains in the background.

Lonely Planet Looking for Connection: Citizen Science SETI Research at NASA

NASA’s homepage is as glitzy as you would expect of the U.S. Government’s sexiest administration. Glossy pictures of nebulas, astronauts, and asteroids float across the top of the page and even the ozone hole over Antarctica manages to look like a snack. A quick swipe over to the Citizen Science Page, however, and now the images give enthusiastic, low-res, DIY vibes coupled with pun-filled project titles like “Aurorasaurous” and “Spiritacular.” Each one beckons: anyone with a cellphone or a laptop can do this project. A Jacob’s Ladder of binary stretching into the blurry heavens stops my scroll with its provoking title—Are we alone in the universe? Well golly, I don’t know. Go to Project Website. So I do. (read more...)