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Zhou Zhou is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology at Rice University. She studies bureaucratic care and technologies in China, especially government prevention of telecommunication scams. Her dissertation project explores how technologies of crime intersect with technologies of governance, and how these intersections mediate people's imagination of and interaction with the state in their everyday life. Because of the transnational nature of scams, Zhou is also interested in policing and crime in Southeast Asia.
a collage of the cards we made in our trial run of the game

Powerpoint Karaoke, a Ph.D. Version

“You win the lottery! You are a millionaire! You never have to work again in life.” This was the first card I drew in the weird little game of Ph.D. life that Quinn Georgic and I designed. I had no idea who wrote it. Everyone was giggling when I read it out loud and started making up the story: “I don’t need to worry about anything, so I started grad school.” The other group was far less fortunate. The card they drew was “You or your partner are pregnant.” (read more...)