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Roundtable: “COVID-19: Views from the Field”

We’re wrapping up our five-part series, “COVID-19: Views from the Field,” with a pre-recorded roundtable. This roundtable brought our authors into conversation with each other, across continents and timezones, to discuss conducting—or not conducting—fieldwork in places not understood as COVID-19 “hotspots.”

Check out the video here, and follow the links below to read the whole series, also available in the language of each field site.

An image of several red and back corona virus specimensIntroduction, COVID-19: Views from the Field – Rebekah Ciribassi



Colorful jars of Khmer Traditional Medicine wineCambodia in the time of COVID-19: Conceptions, perceptions, and approaches to the novel coronavirus – Ashley Thuthao Keng Dam



bailarines carnavalescosCrisis Redux, Viral Uncertainty, and Militarized Care: Coronavirus in the Aftermath of Bolivia’s Uncertain Coup – Caitlyn Dye





Men gathered at a meeting in a large hall. Seminar organized by Pakistan Bar Council on the law of Sedition titled National Dialogue: Unconstitutional curbs on the Freedom of Speech

Suspension, Risk, Suspicion: Field dispatches from Pakistan under COVID-19 – Sonia Qadir





Masked shopping at Kisutu Market in Dar es Salaam, May 1, 2020. Photo credit Sophia George Mrema.

The Temporal Politics of Ethnography, Heritability, and Contagion in Tanzania During COVID-19 – Rebekah Ciribassi




An emergency alert on a cell phone screen in Arabic and English reading "The national sertilization program will be in process from 8:00 PM today until 6:00 AM tomorrow for your safety, please comply with instructions to stay home. (AD Police)

Abu Dhabi Soundmarks: Building Community in the Midst of the Pandemic, One Voice at a Time – Kristina Jacobsen


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