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Sarah is a Cultural Anthropologist and Multimedia Artist based in Regensburg, Germany. Her current research focuses on the becoming of human-technology relations in interactive technology development. She is a member of the artist collective “Deponie”.
There is a pile of industrial garbage in two images. Mostly computer monitors, maybe a fridge. Both images are distorted by gray lines, in the first across the middle, in the second at the top, which obscure most of the garbage. A poem runs across both images linking them together. It reads: there is a sudden loss in the way all of this.

A Vocabulary for Junk in Four Movements

It was really a miracle that he was able to function. He had accumulated so much shit, it was starting to get concerning, or would have, if there had been anyone to be concerned. As it was, all he was, was being practical. Weirdos hoard shit for god knows what reasons but he was keeping a collection of spares. Admittedly, there was a tight line one approaches when one, for example, collects spares for other spares or if you’re missing the very thing to donate parts for in the first place. But he was aware of that. Each time a new thing came into the house, he would reflect on that line. It was a dotted line, like those where you’d put your signature or tear along. Which one it was, that’s an open discourse, to be negotiated anew. As of right now, there was a more practical concern. The (read more...)