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The AMOR MUNDI Multispecies Ecological Worldmaking Lab is an intersectional multidisciplinary research initiative in the Global South. Our aim is to grow a knowledge-making community engaged in "symbiopoesis" and "symanimagenesis." Fostering dialogues and research collaborations amongst disciplines spanning ecophilosophy and ecological political theory, ethology, animal, plant, and critical life studies, geography, anthropology, political and social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences, we are investigating how human and more-than-human worldmaking are mutually entangled, through research, joint publications, workshops, curated conversations, art/science exhibitions, and new pedagogy.
One person stands speaking with gestures in a cave that is brightly lit by a spotlight, while another person looks on recording the conversation with their phone, and a third person wearing a facemask looks directly upwards towards the cave roof.

Little Experiments in Worldmaking with Amor Mundi Lab

The AMOR MUNDI Multispecies Ecological Worldmaking Lab transpires as a collaborative space for emerging scholars, artists, scientists, and practitioners of all kinds working in the Global South with a common theme in multispecies anthropocene studies. Anthropocene and ecopolitical theorist Maya Kóvskaya, who recently joined the Faculty of Social Science at Chiang Mai University in 2020, shares their idea of the lab and extends the opportunity to students across disciplines. Through Maya’s inspiring energy as the Lab Director, our network of collaborators and interlocutors grows. Among many who join and share their scholarship from around the world, a core group of people who are already based in Chiang Mai come together to give this emerging space a chance to move forward. (read more...)