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I am a PhD candidate in the department of anthropology at UC Irvine. My research investigates how older adults in contemporary China use legal and financial instruments to navigate the intricate interplay between corporeality, property ownership, and kinship dynamics.
Digital sketch of a giant green bird described by a hospice patient

Bed-Time Storytelling

Bedtime stories are stories narrated by adults to children before they fall asleep. As an essential parenting skill, the storytelling scene is infused with love and trust. These stories make the transition from day to night easier. Rest well, tomorrow will be another day. In this piece, I wish to introduce an alternate narrative form I have named bed-time-storytelling—a practice of care born within the confines of hospice care beds. This approach redefines our understanding of storytelling, bridging the realms of the living and the departing, and opening a new chapter on how we engage with tales shared in the threshold between two worlds. (read more...)