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Manisha is a public health professional currently anchoring a joint initiative called Primary Healthcare Initiative which is a partnership between IIM Udaipur and an organisation called Basic Healthcare Services. Manisha carries over 5 years of experience working with the development sector in the areas of primary healthcare and education.

Responding to the pandemic of 21st century : Dynamics of power, intersections and the ‘Imagined Corona’ in India

The current times have seen a surge of concern around the soaring cases of the global pandemic of COVID 19. The novel nature of the virus has pitted several countries including India in flux, to understand the nature of transmission, virulence, and the case-fatality of the disease. To contain the spread, stringent measures like lockdown(s) and social distancing have been imposed. In light of the recent turn of the events, the reactions to the disease and the government responses to it have been varied. (read more...)