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  • I am a doctoral student at Binghamton University studying the intersection of programming and ethnography. I have a MA in Anthropology from the University of Southern Mississippi, a BS from Grand Valley State University, and six years of professional web development experience. I use anthropological knowledge and methods to create web designs and systems that reflect the people that use them.
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Ian Lowrie

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  • I'm currently a doctoral student in the sociocultural program at Rice University. My dissertation research treats infrastructural uses of machine intelligence in the United States and Russia.
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Lisa Messeri

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Shreeharsh Kelkar

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  • I am interested in understanding the role of computing in workplaces using historical and ethnographic methods. More broadly, I am interested in the relationship between institutions, technology and knowledge production. I ask questions like: how are technologies shaped by institutions? What is the relationship between technological and institutional change? How can we understand algorithms and code as specifically sociological phenomena? Methodologically, I try to answer these questions by analyzing practice. My ongoing dissertation will focus on online learning technologies (like MOOCs) and the different communities that are organizing around these technologies, in particular, software engineers, educators and learning researchers. I ask: in this moment of transformation, what does it mean to be an educator, teacher, or learning researcher? What does the work of these communities look like? How are the sciences of learning being transformed as these massive computing infrastructures get deployed in higher education?.
  • Contributing since February 16, 2014

Todd Hanson

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  • Todd Hanson is an anthropologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory studying the practices, cultural landscapes, folklore, and material culture of contemporary and historic American science.
  • Contributing since March 7, 2014

Luis Felipe R. Murillo

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Charlotte Linde

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  • Charlotte Linde is an anthropologist and linguist at NASA Ames Research Center. Her informal title is Socio-RocketScientist: probably the only one in the world. She is the author of two books on narrative and memory: "Life Stories: The Creation of Coherence" and "Working the Past: Narrative and Institutional Memory," both Oxford University Press.
  • Contributing since February 25, 2013

Chris Furlow

David Hakken

Adrienne Young

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  • "Independent" scholar, MA Anthropology,George Washington U., ABD Ethology @ Michigan. Working peripherally in academia at Michigan. Interests: Popular culture, embodiment, politics, medicine, etc.
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Andrew Asher


Alexandra Zafiroglu

Ali Kenner

Allison Fish

Ashley Rose Kelly

  • Ashley Rose Kelly earned her Ph.D. at NC State and will join Purdue's Brian Lamb School of Communication in August 2014 as an Assistant Professor. Kelly's research focuses on rhetorical theory, genre theory, and science studies and has been published in Communication Monographs, Environmental Communication, and several other communication-related venues. As well, she writes for the PLOS Citizen Sci blog, Scistarter, and Discover's Citizen Sci Salon. She has taught courses in scientific and technical communication as well as in science, technology, and society (STS).
  • Contributing since April 10, 2014

Andrew Schrock

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  • Andrew Schrock is a Ph.D candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. He primarily researches mobile collectives and the platforms that support them. He also likes thinking & talking about hackers (hackerspaces, civic data hacking).
  • Contributing since March 19, 2013

Rebecca Carlson

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Erik Bigras

David J. Hess

Dawn Nafus

Daniel Miller

Dr Andus



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  • Elizabeth Churchill is Director of Human Computer Interaction at eBay Research Labs. A psychologist by training, Elizabeth has a PhD in Cognitive Science from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Prior to joining eBay, Elizabeth led and contributed to research in Human Computer Interaction, social computing, social media and socio-technical design at Yahoo Research labs, at PARC (the Palo Alto Research Center) and FX Palo Laboratory, Fuji Xerox's lab in Palo Alto.
  • Contributing since March 25, 2013

Elizabeth Ferry

Göde Both

Heather Horst

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  • Heather A. Horst is a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Co-Director of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre and a Research Fellow in the MA Program in Digital Anthropology at University College London. A sociocultural anthropologist by training, Heather’s research focuses upon new media, material culture, and transnational migration. She is the co-author of The Cell Phone: An Anthropology of Communication (Horst and Miller, Berg, 2006), Living and Learning with Digital Media: Findings from the Digital Youth Project (Ito, Horst, et al., 2009, MIT Press), and Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with Digital Media (Ito, et al. 2010, MIT Press). Her most recent book, to be released in October 2012, is an edited volume with Daniel Miller entitled Digital Anthropology.
  • Contributing since March 26, 2013



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  • Jamie Sherman holds an M.A. in Gender, Performance, and Religion from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study (2003) and a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Princeton University (2011). Her most recent research is on emergent and shifting practices of body, self, and technology in contemporary US society. She should be working harder to complete her ethnography of play, pain and self-transformation at an “all natural” bodybuilding gym in Brooklyn, NY, but instead she is reading and commenting on blogs.
  • Contributing since April 13, 2013


Ken Riopelle

Lucy Suchman

Martin Gibbs

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  • Martin Gibbs is a Senior Lecturer in department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. His research interests lie at the intersection between Science Technology Studies (STS) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with an ongoing interest in Game Studies. Current projects include: the adoption and appropriation of High-Speed Broadband in the home; Digital Commemoration; Tabletop Gaming and Social, Natural User Interfaces.
  • Contributing since October 11, 2013

Matt Hale

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  • Matt Hale is a dual PhD student at Indiana University, Bloomington within the Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Communication and Culture departments and an Associate Instructor in later department. He holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Folk Studies from Western Kentucky University. His research focuses on fandom and participatory cultures and popular media reception and response in general and, in particular, on the art and craft of cosplay.
  • Contributing since August 9, 2013

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